TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Tony Bradley

Partner and Head of Trading
Hunter Burton Capital
Tony began his career in July 1987 as a trainee foreign exchange dealer in the corporate treasury of Goodman Fielder, where he gained a solid grounding in spot, forwards, options, and technical analysis. Tony specialized in spot EMS currencies, until the advent of the Euro.  After 24 years banking in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, and New York, Tony formed Hunter Burton Capital with David Campbell, which invests only in liquid, free-floating, major currencies. The HBC Alpha Fund has been running since Jan 2013 and in July 2016 a second fund, the HBC Income Fund, was launched. 

Buy Side Only Platform Evaluation Day - March 21st 2017, Singapore

13:00 PM Buy Side Perspective Panel Discussion: Determining your wish list for partnering with new FX platforms

  • How do different types if buy side firms identify and test a suitable FX platform?
  • What is your position regarding electronic trading given the FX instruments and products you trade, and do you anticipate trading more electronically in the coming one to two years than you are today?
  • Are there barriers that keep you from trading in multi-bank platforms today, and how well do you believe APAC buy side firms understand the value prop of the likes of FxAll/Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg FXGO, 360T, Integral, and LMAX Exchange?
  • From your experience, what due diligence questions do you ask to ensure that one or several of your "must-have" trading requirements will be met by a prospective new FX liquidity provider?

TradeTech FX Asia Day 2 – March 23rd 2017, Singapore

09:30 AM All Star Panel: What are the people, process and technology requirements for building a profitable FX business that responds to the new FX market order?

· Achieving a fully compliant trading desk: What are the key regulation requirements and timelines you need to be prepared for now and in the future?

· What strategies can you exploit to ensure you are tapping into the best liquidity pools at the right times?

· Keeping up with the latest technology trends in e-FX trading: Which new technologies can truly add value for the buy side and where does the industry need to further innovate?

· Identifying the evolving buy side trader skill set: How can your traders gain a more holistic view of the overall business i.e. taking into account collateral and risk exposure to ensure all trading decisions are based on overall business profitability?

10:00 AM Keynote Presentation: FX as an asset class – Why should currencies be an integral part of the alternative components of any portfolio?