TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Leonard Kwan

FX Trader
T Rowe Price
Leonard Kwan is a vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. and T. Rowe Price Hong Kong Limited and an international trader in Global Trading in Hong Kong. Prior to joining T. Rowe Price in 2014, he spent more than 15 years trading local emerging markets in Asia and in EEMEA. He also has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

TradeTech FX Asia Day 1 – March 22nd 2017, Singapore

09:00 AM All Star Panel: Accelerating your electronification - Where does FX stand today in the evolution and how are markets reacting to the change?

  • How are fragmented markets in Asia and local nuances preventing the full uptake of electronic execution?
  • How can NDF trade flows migrate further into electronic platforms in Asia?
  • Moving from voice to electronic: What technology enhancements are needed?
  • When you say voice vs. screen: How are we measuring this? Are we talking about value or volume?
  • Will we see a heavier regulatory touch with the electronification of the FX market?
  • The evolution towards pure electronic: What will we see in 2017?

13:50 PM Panel Interactive: Dealing with heavily managed markets - How can you best manage FX risk in specific Asian currencies that are prone to high levels of volatility?

  • How are they managed and how can you create a profitable FX strategy?
  • How can you best achieve profitable investments in a heavily managed market? What does it mean for the domestic monetary systems?
  • Is the risk premium high enough to compensate the risks involved whilst investing in tier2 countries?
  • What are the cross border capital flows within the region? Are Chinese capital flows more balanced?
  • How can you incorporate political and economic policies into your Asian FX strategy?
  • The influence and role of the dollar: Which way is the dollar going? Is it the basis of the entire currency system?

14:10 PM Invite Only Buy side Heads Of Trading Champagne Roundtable: Buy side to buy side collaboration opportunities – How to jointly drive key market initiatives forward to address shared pain points

Collaborate with 15 of your buy side heads oftrading to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to you desk andimplement. . Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points ofdisagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation,know-how and insights of the collective brain power in the boardroom.

· How are heads of trading staying ahead of the curve interms of regulatory developments, the evolving market structure and technologyinnovations – what are your pain points and where do you see the opportunities?

· What is the cost of trading? How do we properlyevaluate this? Is it worth doing a tradewhen so much margin goes towards collateral?

· The importance of internal stakeholder engagement inthe new regulatory environment: who do you need to interact with and how oftento avoid an isolated trading desk?

· When if ever does it make sense to outsource all orpart of FX trading?

· What are the practical implementation challengesinvolved with outsourcing and how can they be overcome?