TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Jonathan Wharton

Rhicon Currency Management

Christopher Brandon is a principal and founder of Rhicon Currency Management. Mr Brandon began his career in 1995 at Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva and thereafter in London as a foreign exchange dealer. He relocated to UBS Warburg Singapore in late 1998 as a proprietary trader and the senior technical analyst for Asia. In mid 2000 Mr Brandon co-founded Rhicon Currency Management in Singapore, which currently manages approximately 520mio USD. He is a portfolio manager of the Rhicon Strategic Program, the firm’s discretionary trading strategy. He holds an MA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

TradeTech FX Asia Day 2 – March 23rd 2017, Singapore

09:30 AM All Star Panel: What are the people, process and technology requirements for building a profitable FX business that responds to the new FX market order?

· Achieving a fully compliant trading desk: What are the key regulation requirements and timelines you need to be prepared for now and in the future?

· What strategies can you exploit to ensure you are tapping into the best liquidity pools at the right times?

· Keeping up with the latest technology trends in e-FX trading: Which new technologies can truly add value for the buy side and where does the industry need to further innovate?

· Identifying the evolving buy side trader skill set: How can your traders gain a more holistic view of the overall business i.e. taking into account collateral and risk exposure to ensure all trading decisions are based on overall business profitability?