TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Eric Neo

Managing Director
Neo & Partners

Neo Say Wei (Eric) founded Neo & Partners Global in 2014, Asia and Singapore 1st "TRADING-ATRIUM"; a complete multi-asset, low latency trading ecosystem for buy-sides. In 2015, Eric setup Neo & Partners Holdings and wholly-owned subsidiary Neo & Partners Investments. In 2016, he expanded this Entrepreneurship by establishing 33 Capital Investments, wholly-owned subsidiary of Neo & Partners Investments and also serves on the board of Lumi Holdings, an investment management company in the renewable energy space which he co-founded. Eric is keenly involved in Thought Leadership activities in numerous global conferences. He has over 15 years of experiences across voice and electronic trading industries within Asia-Pacific region.

TradeTech FX Asia Day 1 – March 22nd 2017, Singapore

14:10 PM Invite Only Buy side Heads Of Trading Champagne Roundtable: Buy side to buy side collaboration opportunities – How to jointly drive key market initiatives forward to address shared pain points

Collaborate with 15 of your buy side heads oftrading to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to you desk andimplement. . Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points ofdisagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation,know-how and insights of the collective brain power in the boardroom.

· How are heads of trading staying ahead of the curve interms of regulatory developments, the evolving market structure and technologyinnovations – what are your pain points and where do you see the opportunities?

· What is the cost of trading? How do we properlyevaluate this? Is it worth doing a tradewhen so much margin goes towards collateral?

· The importance of internal stakeholder engagement inthe new regulatory environment: who do you need to interact with and how oftento avoid an isolated trading desk?

· When if ever does it make sense to outsource all orpart of FX trading?

· What are the practical implementation challengesinvolved with outsourcing and how can they be overcome?