TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Choon Kiat Tan

Simpler Markets
Choon Kiat develops and implements investment strategies to generate absolute returns. As a Portfolio Manager at Simpler Markets LLP, a boutique London-based hedge fund, CK co-manages a sector fund that focuses on alternative assets such as FX and derivatives. Since joining the firm, the fund has generated annualized returns north of 10% and AUM growth of 20%. When CK isn’t busy staring at 10 screens, he is working on artificial bots that can one day replace him.

TradeTech FX Asia Day 1 – March 22nd 2017, Singapore

11:50 AM Oxford-Style Debate: G10 vs. EM: The new paradigm of risk and reward- G10 currencies offers a better risk and reward investment profile over EM currencies

Fully engage with the most contentious and divisive issues currently facing your industry when it comes to EM and G10 currencies. Sit back and witness industry leading portfolio managers pitting themselves against each other in a battle to deliver the knockout argument on whether the risks involved with EM currencies are worth the reward, or if it’s better to play it safe with G10 currencies.

Then, continue the debate in your own small roundtable groups with other portfolio managers until you reach a majority viewpoint.

Will you reconsider your position and walk away with a fresh mind-set better prepared to take on this key conundrum?

13:50 PM Case Study Revolution: Algorithmic trading in FX- How to develop algorithmic systems based on proprietary trend-following and breakout strategies