TradeTech FX Asia

March 21-March 23, 2017

Hilton Singapore

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Catalin Burlacu

Portfolio Manager
Maiora Asset Management
Catalin has vast experience in managing funds using proprietary and systematic models in intraday/high-frequency space and long-short market neutral. Having worked with numerous high profile institutions such as Millennium Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays Global Investors, he is an expert at managing the investment process and managing the product development, risk, and strategy of the business.

TradeTech FX Asia Day 1 – March 22nd 2017, Singapore

14:10 PM Invite Only Buy side Heads Of Trading Champagne Roundtable: Buy side to buy side collaboration opportunities – How to jointly drive key market initiatives forward to address shared pain points

Collaborate with 15 of your buy side heads oftrading to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to you desk andimplement. . Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points ofdisagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation,know-how and insights of the collective brain power in the boardroom.

· How are heads of trading staying ahead of the curve interms of regulatory developments, the evolving market structure and technologyinnovations – what are your pain points and where do you see the opportunities?

· What is the cost of trading? How do we properlyevaluate this? Is it worth doing a tradewhen so much margin goes towards collateral?

· The importance of internal stakeholder engagement inthe new regulatory environment: who do you need to interact with and how oftento avoid an isolated trading desk?

· When if ever does it make sense to outsource all orpart of FX trading?

· What are the practical implementation challengesinvolved with outsourcing and how can they be overcome?